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Making Childbirth a Healthy and Safe Experience

My name is Anna Heintzelman. I am most importantly a mother of 6 children. I am a trained and professional doula, dedicated to giving you and your family the care needed before, during and after delivering your baby. My services include both hands-on and informational support, so your unique journey into parenthood is safe, healthy and most importantly - joyful.
I became a doula because I wanted to help women understand that they have options—in their pregnancy, their delivery and as a parent.  I want mothers to understand their strength and to feel empowered. Knowledge is the key to being able to make informed decisions. My goal is for each woman to feel educated, empowered and prepared for their birth and beyond. Contact Eden Doula Services today to book your complimentary introductory consultation.


Unwavering, Customized Care

Doulas are trained professionals who provide non-stop, unbiased and compassionate support throughout pregnancy and the first steps into parenthood. After assessing birthing needs, doulas create a personalized plan to support each growing family. Research shows that no matter where or how a woman gives birth, doulas help make that experience a more positive one.

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